Phones, frissons and oak trees

Many different things. The quirky smartphones of China / Less Adjectives More Verbs, a tumblr about architecture / we are kidding ourselves with kitchens of the future / old forgotten houses, a tumblr / fine concrete house in Argentina / Nick Daw has a gallery of photographs of Mid-Century Modernism in the UK / How to Paint an Oak Tree, a visual essay by artist Stephen Taylor at tmn / So what is the dream of the 90s? / the South East London Journal / Paul Gorman writes about pop art and culture, with a special focus on the rich histories of the 70s and 80s / Amuseum is a new magazine which takes ‘a playful look at objects to find FASCINATING stories about culture, design, history, science and art’. Our kind of magazine, in other words / Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage), a project by Stephanie Syjuco / Hopes and Fears, a new culture review site with long form essays / The strange phenomenon of musical ‘skin orgasms’. How does music move the mind and body? Or is it just auditory cheesecake? / Atlas for The Blind 1837, at the David Rumsey Map Collection.

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