Peeks, pokes and beeps

Music: Amber Days; Radiolarium / life in Japan, rendered in 8-bit style / the Map of Alien Invaders, by Jason Thompson / Marble District, quarry photogaphs by Francesco Luciani / revisiting: tiny letters to the web we miss / 20 artists, from photos to final piece. Includes some nudity / a new Curtis drops: HyperNormalisation / sort of related, ‘The Donald Trump In These Allegations Is Not The Complete Monster I Married‘ / an end to the History of Art? Sign the petition / I am a Shapeshifter, a tumblr about technology / 8-bit Slint (via this request for Post-Rock Chiptune). More at 8-bit Rock / related, the pixel game art of Mark Ferrari. The animated versions (with sound) are especially goood / amps and pedals by Robot Graves Industries / paintings by John Lee.

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