Pay as you know

Well, this could go badly: Telegraph plans to link journalists’ pay to their popularity. Eternal winter of clickbait, anyone? / The Collected Wisdom of Banacek / Cryptocurrency explained, even more succinctly / lovely feature on cherished mixtapes / the line between urbex and straight up trespassing appears to be breached: the Evergreen Crystal Palace, ‘Exploring an $80,000,000 Glass Mansion with Everything Left Inside’ / portrait photography by Robert Rieger / ruining music / Wandre Scarebeo, a guitar from the mid 1960s collected at Fetish Guitars / art by Shaun Duke / music by Bantamweight / new music from Airships on the Water / boater bashing: the Straw Hat Riot of 1922 / online version of a Louis Kahn monograph / Depths EP, from Tech Level 2 at avalanche recordings.

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