Patina and posing

Patina is not something that is associated with new technology. Disregarding the fact that an object exists in its primal, unsullied state for mere minutes after it has been unboxed, there is still an emphasis on perfection in technological goods. Fender’sroad worn‘ series of guitars are ‘built to look, sound and feel like they have more than just a few miles on them… Fender Road Worn Vintage Series guitar and basses come with a head start on history, brining players killer aged designs…’. Will this built-in history ever extend to other areas of contemporary design? The interiors industry has antiqued things for decades, perhaps stung by Ruskin’s ‘fatal newness‘ jibe at the furniture of the era. Today, a place like Restoration Hardware positively groans and creaks with faded, creased and distressed leather. But will cars, for example, ever trade that elusive new car smell for something a bit more genuinely road-worn?


A Typosurvey of the City of London, an ongoing project at Linefeed (via SCB). See also derelict buildings in the City / minimalist gig posters by Jason Munn / a blog by illustrator Linus Kraemer / Mika Savela’s tumblr looks at snippets from design magazine culture and the shifting definition of modernity.


The Toaster Project. Building a mass-produced object from scratch: ‘Finding ways to process the raw materials on a domestic scale is also an issue. For example, my first attempt to extract metal involved a chimney pot, some hair-dryers, a leaf blower, and a methodology from the 15th century – this is about the level of technology we can manage when we’re acting alone.’ Sort of related, but always entertaining: survival tips for the Middle Ages.


A coffee table train set, one of many projects at IKEA Hackers / Fools Die on Friday, an oddity from BookScans / Festival of Britain at the National Archives, including photographs / ‘I like old sad things. I have a collection of many and varied old sad things.’ John Honniball’s Home Page, via BBC News / what is the worst piece of design ever done? (e.g. the Juicy Salif).

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  1. Mike B says:

    Things that come broken-in skip over the best part, which is breaking something in to fit your body. I suspect that cars will never come ‘pre-worn’ because there’s nothing that great about a worn-out car. A worn-out pair of jeans on the other hand, is better than brand new and if you are the one that wears it out, they become shaped to your body. I suppose it’s more a matter of a lack of imagination on the part of car manufacturers. Related:

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