Paths and sources

London Cross: A straight line walk across London undertaken by Paul K Lyons, the first part of a grand project: ‘My intention is to do a similar walk from east to west, thus creating a cross. I decided to start and finish both walks at the M25 since it provides a neat geographical boundary for the London area. Both walks are over 30 miles long as a crow would fly.’ / related: Sweet Thames, run softly till I end my song, Quintin Lake’s ‘photographs of the mercurial River Thames made during a 10 day walk in August 2012 backpacking and wild camping where possible along 170 miles of the Thames Path from the source near Kemble in Gloucestershire to the City of London. I chose to end my journey on the steps of St Pauls.’ / also related 10×10: Drawing the City of London.


London Buses, a collection by Kate Farley, presented at Obsessionistas, a website about collections. There are some fine collections on display, including whistles, Braun digital watches, bricks, airline junior wings, Sony Walkmans, vintage British Camping Club pennants, do not disturb signs, miniatures, Christmas catalogues, Japanese guitars and many, many more.

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