Passing trade

The butcher’s shop that lasted 300 years (give or take), a beautiful piece by Tom Lamont about the last vestiges of the ‘traditional’ high street, and how easy it is for them to fall away. Includes this astute sentence: “As a rough rule of thumb, whenever a shop makes an overt gesture towards the past, all back-in-time vibes will be checked on inspection of the prices. The more a shop looks as though it trades in farthings and ha’pennies, the more tenners and twenties you can expect to hand over at the till.” / was a website devoted to ‘Ideas and technology and politics and journalism and history and humor and some other stuff’. Nothing has happened there since 2017. At some point, there’ll be websites that have been handed down through generations before ultimately reaching the end of the line, shuttering up to denude the internet of variety and independence / other things. Chadwick Boseman tribute. See also, Black Panther effects reel / a Bubble House in Queensland, Australia, by architect Graham Birchall (via Wowhaus).

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