‘… paper is the solid medium. Digital is the fragile one..

‘In the Fafe Mountains in the north of Portugal, the Rock House, a Casa do Penedo / the story of The Soft Bulletin / Creepy things that seem real but aren’t, a regular feature at Crushable about ‘modern urban legends’ (via MeFi) / Kang Bang, a tumblr / Google’s Marble Map Game / visit the Sci Fi Air Show / there’s a certain element of ghastly good taste here: Swissted (via MeFi), where this comment has it down: ‘Wow, this is making me nostalgic for two very different times of my life all at once. It’s a little disorienting.’) / Writer’s craft is now a ghost in the machine: ‘The magic of composition may be lost forever in impersonal hard drives.’ The illustration above shows Nick Cave’s notebook / the case for saving ugly buildings / the marvellous Mapstalgia, ‘video game maps drawn from memory’ (via RPS).

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