Folding Stuff

Peter Thiel floats away on Deregulation Island, a libertarian oasis of geodesic domes and space frames. Rust ahoy / the Doomsday Clock keeps ticking / order a subscription box to take your mind off things / the visionary flying machines of Charles Dellschau, chronicler of the Sonora Aero Club / music writing at The Blue Moment / visual text compression via Kempressor / unfolding house / London, 1975 / related, on the wonders of wandering in London / a big collection of Micro Machines / Visothkakvei, drawing and illustration / mild backlash against ostentation of billion dollar tech offices, teaching us very little about the office of the future / related: from decks to moats: ‘the complete guide to modern office jargon’ / spot the difference, the architecture of Astana / music by Bethany Weimers / music by She Drew the Gun / Wavegrower, a tumblr of mathematical animations / Leonard Plugge, the first plugger? / Peckham pop from the Honey Hahs.

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High and lows

Tiny London apartment for sale in a former water tank. Beautiful details but obscured windows covering such an incredible view would a constant source of regret / music writing at Velvet Sheep / which links the neo psych of Thee Oh Sees / apologies for the crashing mood change, but there’s some seriously ominous aesthetics – dread design – in these mercifully unused IS car bombs, captured intact in Iraq.


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Off the grid

White Spots, ‘A Journey to the Edge of the Internet’, is an app that not only graphically represents the invisible wireless world around us, but also the places with no connectivity, the so-called ‘white spots.’ ‘White Spots on the digital map will soon disappear, leaving no place on earth unconnected.’ / Closet Archive, ‘a stuffed history of the closet, where the “past becomes space”’ / the weirdest places in Europe / The Sugden House, the Smithson’s pared-back post-war masterpiece, is on the market for the first time.

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Mystery jets

Benedict Redgrove documents NASA’s next generation rocket launcher / the exceptionally pretty Effeffe Berlinetta / Wreck, a sculpture by Jordan Griska / Unbuilt Liverpool / Shard apartments remain unsold. But wait / strangely intrigued by private islands / sort of related, more Amelia Earhart intrigue / collection highlights from the Tobin International Geological Map Collection / what we click on and why. The results will surprise you! / calligraphy tips for the left-handed / Japanese Playground Equipment at Night, photographs by Kito Fujio / could almost fit into the Accidental Wes Anderson locations subreddit (via Design Observer) / photographs by Stefan Giftthaler / Heterotopias, ‘focusing on the spaces and architecture of virtual worlds’.

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Slightly more sombre

We meant to link to this a few weeks ago, but then tower blocks burned and in the immediate aftermath it seemed a bit too raw. But it’s at least heartening that K+C’s new MP – a noted design writer – should have the power of observation to note the many flaws in the idea of the ‘trickle-up economy‘. A shame that the debate should subsequently be opened up in the most tragic ways possible. We doubt any MP has ever used the term ‘privately run hipster millenials’ playground’ before / the Rhinowolf modular tent / related, what happens to the tents left behind at Glastonbury? / America’s empty railways, photographs by John Sanderson / a phone memory card as a repository of memory: The secret lives of young IS fighters, by Quentin Sommerville / Demystifying the Ancient Tangle of London’s Streets, the story of the A to Z, courtesy of the NG’s All over the Map blog. See also Trap Streets, Ghost Words, and Mountweazel – see: Fictious entries, a post on cartographic fictions / Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science? / a massive magazine archive (via Meanwhile) / Speedrun World Records (via RPS) / animation and printmaking by Stina Lofgren / Life Without Stuff, a short film / worth revisiting, a collection of supercuts.

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Switched on

At the corner of Lovecraft and Ballard, the role of place and architecture in dystopian fiction, an essay by Will Wiles / we love generative music sites: this one if from Google in honour of Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger / Old Man’s Journey, a game / “Hear This, You Creators!” aggregates new creative work / Precious Plastic, a domestic recycling workshop, a project by Dave Hakkens / UVB-76 is a radio station better known as The Buzzer / a short film about Antarctica / landscape and interior paintings by Jon Redmond / Hugo Roussel’s installation Pièce pour Dominique requires twelve guitars and twelve amplifiers. See also Musique pour 30 pédales.

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Rómulo Celdrán, HI RES (via tmn). See also United Nude’s lo-res Lamborghini / vaguely related, Raphael Fabre’s CGI portrait ID / also vaguely related, Lego architecture by Sean Kenney / Cook’s Camden, a new book on modern housing in the London borough / start contrast, images of North Korea / paintings by Matthias Weischer / Le Petit Neant is an art magazine / the rooftopper hashtag, people vogueing up high buildings / the Detroit Library tumblr / Lovecraft linocuts / Things that don’t work yet, Dan Hill ‘on Roli Blocks, musical technologies, and designing connected objects in general’.

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Hiding in plain sight

A critique of Apple Park, which is then given its own critique at Dezeen. The take-away: is a big, bespoke office building a good use of the world’s resources? / Lesbian Separatist Cottage Fantasy, occasionally quite nsfw – a sort midcentury softcore Cabin Porn / what are the best bad reviews? Schadenfreude by the slice / animated subway maps at My Modern Met, via MeFi / animations by Felix Sputnik / New Brutalism, a tumblr about post-war British architecture by photographer Simon Phipps / How we make a game called Hidden Folks, beautiful gifs / stunning illustrations by Yasunari Awazu / paintings by Tessa Coleman / What Britain used to look like from the air / the story of the Lagarfljót Worm / the Mudhoney documentary, heroic also-rans / ‘The heart of the positive, mind-open internet’. Thank you, Meanwhile.

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Weekly things

Rock cartography: this is Spinal map / U T O P I A, a project by photographer Christopher Ashlin / the furniture of George Jakob Hunzinger / art by Belinda Jayne Ayres / Little Ones, a rather moving short documentary film / synth artists profiled at analogue craftsman / poetry from Gerry Mitchell / art by Deborah Klein / bring back Interstate 76 / Unequal Scenes, aerial photography by Johnny Miller / Modernist Estates on the Grenfell Tower Fire / Anywhere, ‘A mythogeography of South Devon and how to walk it’ / Adam Buxton’s Soundcloud is worth your time / there is a new-old Age of Empires / a New York Times feature on the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race / Daniel Eatock’srepaired vehicles‘ project is now a book from Draw Down / drawings and abstract architectural concepts by Noam Saragosti / a short history of microdots / Dirt Meridian, photographs by Andrew Moore.

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On not needing roads

Over 1% of all DeLorean DMC-12s ever made have been converted into replicas of the ‘Back to the Future‘ time machine (87 of 8583) / explore the Interland / It! Is coming to take you away / snapshots of the urban 80s / sort of related, 101 books about where and how we live, from Jane Jacobs to Richard Scarry / illustrations by Ben Tolman / the illustration of John Vernon Lord. See also works for sale at the Illustration Cupboard.

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Bricks, snaps, clips and cupcakes

How Lego clicked: the super brand that reinvented itself / ooh, Monument Valley 2 / Tallulah Fontaine, a tumblr / photography by Frank Herfort / photography by Georg Aerni / on Brutalism, a story in the Washington Post / Commoditised Warfare, with gifs by Christoph Niemann / illustration by Ivo van de Grift / TV series cancelled after one episode / Linear Obsessional, a record label devoted to field recordings and other obscurities / The Graceful and Manly Pastime of Skating, intriguing early urban skating history at MeFi / photographs by Roland Iselin / the the evolution of iconic cars / A World Without People, could possibly be better than the world with people / ‘Brutalist Redesigns‘ by designer Pierre Buttin, ‘giving popular apps the brutalist treatment’ / when gentrification tips over the other way: the story of Bleecker Street, NY. ‘But on July 9, 2000, Magnolia was featured on “Sex and the City,” in Season 3. The 30 seconds of Carrie Bradshaw and her friend Miranda eating cupcakes outside the bakery were all it took to turn the street.’

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Hobbies and collecting

Some random things. The Society for the Preservation of Letraset Action Transfers (via Daniel Gray) / The Searcher, the ‘informed voice of metal detecting’ / Celluloid Wicker Man, a site by writer Adam Scovell chronicling his obsessions (‘Folk Horror, Landscape in Film and Literature, Film Music And Sound Analysis,’ etc) / Strong and Stable My Arse, Deller strikes back / My Social Media Fast / Red Means Recording, great tech demos / splendid Microsoft Paint illustrations for a self-published e-book about summer camp shenanigans (via Coudal) / Attention, K-Mart Shoppers, relive the atmosphere of 90s big box retail with these digitised cassettes / Caracas’s Living Ruin, the story of El Helicoide de la Roca Tarpeya, a mall-turned-slum-turned-secret-police-detention centre / Stan is a robot who parks your car. And remembers where (s)he left it.

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The Even More Occasional

The usual occasional collection of links. Apologies for the infrequency / a massive Soviet Futurism post over at It’s Nice That (via MeFi). You’d have thought that all the nice things on the internet would have long since been found by now, but no / Vinyl Postcards, delivered to your door / the wiki list of Lost Films / the Falcon Nest, a modernist perch / Hometowns, a photography project by John MacLean / Zannone: Italy’s forbidden ‘orgy island’ / probably a useful place to take your new Privat Smartphone / Mathieu Bernard-Reymond Converts Charts Into Monuments / also looks good: Brutalism in Tehran / A Mind Is Born (256 bytes) / Skywatching, ‘two artists explore spy satellite calibration markers in the desert — and trace the satellites in the sky today’ / related, Stuff in Space, an interactive guide / art by Michael Johansson / art: A Headlight in the path of our breathing by the amazing Daniel Danger, at the Black Dragon Press / the cinemas of Peckham / city building kit: ArcKit / Crawley Creatures make animatronics for film and TV / fossil hunter gifts: chocolate ammonites / conceptual design for 21st Century Walkman, the Elbow / available now, the Freewrite, a sort of hipster typewriter / the world’s best 10 filling (gas) stations / a new novel from Rosecrans Baldwin: The Last Kid Left / two tumblrs, occasionally nsfw: bricoblog; motorpsych; Atencio; gifs by Paul Robertson; darkshapes / Letters of Last Resort. To be opened after the nuclear code envelope. Via b3ta, which also has an interview with director Ben Wheatley / the global Fossil Atlas (via Kottke) / learn electronic music with Ableton’s handy tutorials / items recovered after the tsunami, photographs by Tomohiro Muda.

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The Very Occasional

The wartime sketchbooks of Victor A.Lundy (via Metafilter). As an architect, Lundy designed the Warm Mineral Springs Motel, Sarasota in Florida in 1958 (amongst many other places). The motel’s entrance is strongly reminiscent of Foster & Partners’ Repsol Partners / paintings by Fred Ingrams / the top 30 Modernist houses for sale in France / Connell, Ward and Lucas for sale / wine labels by Steven Noble / Lego models by hachiroku24 / The Field Study Handbook / the portraits of Joseph Szabo / the return of the mighty Antonov AN-225 / minipeople, an atmospheric illustration tumblr / beautiful skeuomorphic smartphone animations from Covestro Lab / where oil rigs go to die / on the brief flowering of ‘Persian Palace‘ architecture in Beverly Hills / Rue Morgue is an online magazine about modern horror media / a guide to figuring out the age of an undated world map / the B3TA newsletter is back and links to Sgt Pepper Photos, a brilliant piece of photo research.

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Birthday celebrations

All of the genuinely great works of the 21st century have been acts of digital humanism, the analogue version of which once a driving force behind mystic intellectualism (via Kottke, which is celebrating turning 19) / a case in point: The Book of Miracles / Bantmag on the The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego / also related, The Triarchy Press Idioticon / some more from the current archiving kick at Kottke: The Web’s Best Hidden Gems / People of Peckham, a project by photographer Joel Knight / Urge to Create still a favourite tumblr / on High Heels / the property billboards that reveal the truth about Britain’s luxury housing market / more Waymo fun / revamping James Stirling’s One Poultry / declassified imagery of US nuclear tests / shimmering digital baroque works by Benjamin Dillenburger / portraits of contemporary Athenian brothels by photographer Diego Mayon / the motor-racing photographs of Hermann Schwarz.

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Big questions

Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction, a forthcoming exhibition at the Barbican / Lodestars Anthology, a magazine from Canada / it’s the end of ffffound. A great shame. Once upon a time this was the absolute cutting edge of the image-driven internet, but was swiftly (and completely) overtaken by tumblr / could diesel be the new asbestos? Related, the discovery of asbestos toxicity / the Torrey Canyon oil spill: ‘The day the sea turned black’ / Gereja Ayam, the Abandoned Chicken Church / retro things and gauzy camera filters aplenty at Emma Peelpants. A ‘mild sauce’ warning / a mighty version of Crazy in Love / more music from Henry’s Face / music from Mesarthim / more music: Carpenter Brut / Before-and-After Photos: The End of California’s Historic Drought / the top 10 clones in architectural design.

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A fistful of links from what is a slightly neglected site at the moment – apologies / Oscar-Zero: Notes from a Nuclear Tourist / retro-styled Citroen van body kit / illustration by Lucille Corcos / shoegaze will never die at The Blog That Celebrates Itself / ‘a secretive timber structure hung under the remains of an old railway bridge in a castle town’ by H3T Architekti / paintings by Aron Wiesenfeld / the Gosh! comics blog / NYC Taper, a treasure trove of (officially sanctioned) recorded rock shows / a new Slowdive video ahead of a new album: ‘Sugar For The Pill‘ / music by Tschak! / How inner city apartment developments have killed Australian rock’n’roll. The end of garage rock / Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music / music: TUSKFLOWER / EarDrumsPop is a net label putting out new music.

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Bits and pieces

A few random things / the Pierre Cardin bubble palace in pictures / The Hidden Persuader, Christopher Turner on the genesis of advertising (at Reading Design) / SÉANCE: Spiritualist Ritual and the Search for Ectoplasm, a new book from Unbound / a gigapixel image of Dubai, courtesy of Bentley / music by Fever Dream.

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Technology transfer

Miniature synths by Dan McPharlin / great analysis of Rio (via MeFi) / things that happened on the first try / music by Jude Woodhead / Rabbit hole leads to ‘Knights Templar’ cave / two from the New Aesthetic: Hoxton Analystics, a small camera for stores that uses ‘multiple layers of machine learning and artificial intelligence [to] automatically counts people (at over 95% accuracy) and, what’s more, intelligently categorises people’s demographics based on the shoes they choose to wear’ / more future: creating a car ad using the Mill Blackbird, the virtual car template / illustrations by Jeremy Booth (via Creativeboom) / Wolfram Tones, generative music from way back.

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Love and rockets

When Things Go Missing (via MeFi), an evocative story of losing things, and grief and loss / the story of five art world misdeeds / Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / the never-ending quest to build a hotel in Space / fun story about building hotels in Baku / a website about Found Objects / Style: In Defence Of…, a series from Machine Books / Nobody Books, an online store for the many wondrous photo books created by Stephen Gill / related, Waterstones is opening faux ‘indie’ bookshops / Ricardo Bofill’s cement factory / solar system orbit simulator / deep beneath San Francisco / a hybrid of the smart button and Post-it note, could be a catastrophe.

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