Own a small piece of the moon

Moonfire: The epic journey of Apollo 11 is an enhanced pictorial edit of Norman Mailer’s Time reportage on the moon programme. It seems that Mailer didn’t really enjoy the whole experience, feeling that it lacked a certain magic; he certainly didn’t go all out on the machismo and adventurous spirit conjured up by Wolfe in The Right Stuff (first chunk of movie version here). Taschen also produces a lunar rock edition, limited to just twelve copies. ‘Each book is contained in a LEM-inspired case whose surface is an actual 3D topography of the Moon made from a single piece of aluminum (Size: 523 x 596 x 347 mm, Weight: 22 kilograms), and is accompanied by a separately packaged piece of lunar rock.’ The case was designed by Marc Newson and the smallest piece of moon rock started at 75,000 Euro, with the largest gracing Taschen’s priciest book ever, No. 1,969, priced at 480,000 Euro. It’s probably cheaper to go to the Lunar Embassy. See also the story of the newly discovered Armstrong lunar ephemera stash. Also related, a very comprehensive post assembling the story behind Apollo. When will the Mars book come out?

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