Over your shoulder

Jeff Mermelstein’s book #nyc is a creepy reminder of how much of our private lives and thoughts play out in a (semi) public way / Wired revisits the ongoing hunt for Alien Big Cats in the UK. Check the British Big Cats Society for updates / alternatively, search for bugs (and dinosaurs) on your smartphone for AR-driven encounters / architectural renderings by Bruce Goff / with the 2020 version of MS Flight Simulator on the near horizon, play the history of Microsoft Flight Simulator / the Underground City of Derinkuyu, Turkey, at Brilliant Maps (illustrated by Stuart Jackson-Carter). The history of the city / Yoshihiro Makino, images of High Court of Punjan and Haryana, from The Open Hand Book / Argos to stop printing catalogue after almost 50 years. Time to go back to The Book of Dreams.

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