Out on the mud flats

Weekend perambulations / a drone tour of a century-old German U-Boat wreck on the Thames Estuary, via Historic Medway / more Kent: the tragedy of the Fireman’s Wedding / isolated drum tracks by Nick Mason / paintings by Fred Coppin / an absurd slice of penthouse living / doubling back on yesterday’s underground musings, the London’s secret tunnels post has great comments, and we also recommend the link to Duncan Campbell’s A Christmas party for the moles (pdf) / Saving the modernist architecture of Louis Kahn’s IIM Ahmedabad dormitories / buy an entire midcentury modern holiday village in Ponte Cremenaga, Switzerland / contemporary modern holiday cabins in France, the hotel 48° Nord by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter / intense abstract paintings by Natalia Wrobel / the American beef industry was built on centuries of exploitation. Some more background / the archives of Punk Planet zine / music by Junkyard of Silenced Poets (trip hop w/noise) / Psychlona (nouveau Hawkwind – great) / atmospheric indie rock by Abandoned Buildings / Tropiques, rich landscape photography by Julien Coquentin.

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