Orange crush

‘You might have seen pictures where Bilinda’s playing a Fender Jaguar with an orange scratchplate. And no Jaguar’s ever had an orange scratchplate, so people just assume we put it on. But it isn’t… it’s a tortoiseshell scratchplate. But for three or four nights in the studio I locked everyone out, and they thought I was working, but I wasn’t. I was just really meticulously scratching the top layer off this scratchplate with a razorblade. That took three days. They were my least productive three days. Well actually, they were productive because I had something to show for it, but…’

Kevin Shields on procrastination, via Offset Guitars

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  1. That’s a hilarious take on procrastination.

    In my case, when I procrastinate I do nothing nigh as interesting as scratching scratchplates, though… I generally either sleep or daydream.

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