Open the bunker doors, Hal

Underground, Part 1, a short piece of architectural fiction from McMansion Hell. Dark Realtor Fanfic / related, the ubiquity of the architecture of gentrification / a short film from a few years back on the new architecture of Fogo Island / some angry cross stitch / what’s the worst that can happen if you build a new runway in Antarctica? Many, many things. ‘In the 1980s, a single mail drop by a low-flying plane led to a stampede at a king penguin colony that caused 7,000 deaths.’ / the Occult Features of Anarchism, a book by Erica Lagalisse / sort of related, the KLF are finally available to stream / a look at the late Pierre Cardin’s incredible Bubble Palace / the dancing robots of Boston Dynamics caused a predictable stir. The company itself is now 80% owned by Hyundai, one of the world’s biggest car-makers. Surely this is more of a story? / pedal review of the year / desirable devices at ElectroSmash / noise rock by Spiders in the Underground / David Bowie Monopoly. That is all.

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