One word: plastics

Tupperware!, a PBS documentary about the miracle plastic container and the (ongoing) role of the Tupperware party in post-war American society (via Etsy). The link also has bonus videos taken from Tupperware sales conventions in the 50s and 60s and this gallery of Earl Tupper’s inventions before he hit the big time (the above is a ‘Bite and Wound Sucker’ from 1937). The image below is from the Tupperware Collectors Pool at flickr, where for a number of the users, the thrill seems to be as much about the arrangement as the collection – there’s a still life sensibility at work in the photographs of pyrexboy78, tupperholic76, bingredpyrex, TupperBoy et al. Giorgio Morandi would have surely painted Tupperware for its translucent pastel colours. Instead, Morandi inspires Chipperfield.


Other things. How much RAM was there in history? / Today’s Document, a fantastic tumblr from the U.S. National Archives / a detailed comparison of Lego motors / a new EP by Owl in the Sun / a massive model of Hogwarts / Herb Lester have revised their East London Companion map / a tranche of Calvin and Hobbes wallpapers.


Another documentary. Vox Pop: How Dartford Powered the British Beat Boom, a documentary about the Vox Company, from which we learn that Dartford has a Mick Jagger Centre and that in 1967 there was a Voxmobile, built by George Barris to support up 32 plugged in guitars, complete with ‘three powerful VOX Beatle amplifiers, complete with reverb, treble/bass boost and mid-range boost. There is an array of speakers hidden in the framework. In all, there are 2 main drive speakers mounted atop the intake manifold, five 12″ speakers, one 18″ bass speaker and four tweeters’.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Funny to see the Mick Jagger Centre mentioned! That used to be my old school gym – I played basketball in there all the time. When plans for a music centre were announced, they asked us Dartford Grammar sixth formers to come up with potential names. With Mick as an alumni, the suggestions were pretty unanimous :)

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