On the spectral plane

How we made Ghostwatch. The show itself is all up there on YouTube, in bits and chunks, but searching for this kind of thing sends the site’s hyperbolist and tabloid-minded algorithm into absolute overdrive, so venture in at your own peril / why you shouldn’t use silicone baking sheets / LoremBarnak, ‘a Québécois swear generator’ / McMansion Hell reaches the delights of 1977 / a cabin in Finland. Perhaps in 40 years time there’ll be snarky blogs about Noughties Cabin Culture / for now, this is polar opposite of McMansion Hell; a Modern House Film / the physical toll of professional gaming: They dreamed of esports glory. Then their bodies broke down / not quite related, Playing With The Dead, a radio show about memorialising through gaming, including a segment on That Dragon, Cancer. Games offer an alternative to the simple, static album of past actions and interactions, and digressions suggest a future where avatars hoover up a lifetime of gaming behaviour and personality traits and serve you up bots that act, to all intents and purposes, exactly the same way as a loved one might have done within the confines of a game world. The virtual memorial gardens of the future are going to be crowded. Perhaps there will be dedicated environments – SIMS: Memories, anyone? – in which to stick your late relatives. Update: ‘My sister lives on in a video game‘.

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