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The ‘most murderous place in television crime drama is Cabot Cove, the fictional hometown of Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote. Fletcher was solving five cases a year in Cabot Cove, which CBS, who broadcast the programme, said had a population of 3,500. That equals a death rate of 1,490 per million.’ How unrealistic is murder on television?


Retro design a distant memory as car makers move on from the brief blip that saw the past mined for inspiration. See also the culture engine / a huge collection of French postcards / the story of Rita Hayworth’s hairline / Peter Quinnell is an illustrator, one of many, many artists photographed by Alun Callender for his East Sussex Artists Project / includes Ptolemy Mann, who also has a weblog about art and colour, Significant Colour.


Burning Settlers Cabin, a fine example of what we should start calling a ‘traditional weblog’, a collection of observations, found things, scans, links and more. Sample post: An Encyclopedic Photographic Memory of Ephemera: ‘I have a book about the 1964 World’s Fair. I’ve never read it. I do, however, know each and every illustration, color palette, and photograph in the book. Who knows what it is about? I’m too distracted by the tiny drawings on divider pages. To make matters worse, I deconstruct the meaning of the imagery. And I make odd connections that require an encyclopedic photographic memory of ephemera.’ / see also Things that Quicken the Heart, a weblog.


The Suitcase Machine is a site by Mario Marchese devoted to art, design, organ grinding, puppet making, magic tricks, toy restoration and eccentric machines. We especially like their devotion to ultra tiny suitcase trainsets, such as the Train Set in a Cheese box. We also like Oscar With an A, a machine that translates sound into drawings (above)

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