On the retreat

The 2020 Architecture Drawing Prize includes the epic 737 Max Tower, a project by Victor Hugo and Cheryl Lu Xu, as well as works by Marc Brousse and ‘Spatial Fictions‘ by Clement Luk Laurencio / a constantly refreshed collection of Obscure Media / flying over the moon in realtime, a four hour travelogue (at Kottke) / Pharmaduke, a twitter bot that combines ‘Marmaduke comics and Erowid trip reports‘ / music by Bleach Lab / music by Molly Willis / music by Pale Blue Eyes / Life on Venus, Russian shoegaze / music by Slow Weather / lessons to be taken from the infographic motherlode, ‘Losses from the Russian campaign‘ / rent your Zoom backdrop from the Bookbarn, versus the library of Eco / another interior realm, a tour around the home and studio of graphic artist Morag Myerscough / remember, Alternative Rock Is a Tool of Satan / go on a Mission To Giant Sunken Machines in Flooded Valley. See also the tour of Working Nuclear Bunker / How and why I stopped buying new laptops (via tmn) / Peter Gabriel on The South Bank Show, 1982.

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