On the permafrost

Photographer Anna Huix has taken remarkable images of Pyramiden (Google maps), ‘a utopian coal-mining town, a landscape-scale “museum” of soviet-style industrial heritage that shows the fragmented remains of a communist dream’ in Svalbard. ‘It has been predicted that due to the low rate of decay in such a cold climate, the abandoned town’s major buildings will still be visible 500 years from now.’ / New Ash Green, Kent, the view from 1971 / military myths, including ESP. Shades of Goats / unsettling loops and vocals at The Asthmatic / epic Scandi noir from Weal / music by Elizabeth Goodfellow / on destruction, a reflection by Michael Landy / Sergio Larrain: London, the work of a Magnum photographer who gave it all up and went to a ‘Chilean mountain retreat’ / Death Is Not The End: ‘London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1’ / Soviet Visuals / papercraft computers by Rocky Bergen. Correct even down to the screenshots / snowflake generator. Insert millennial joke here / an architectural alphabet from 1773, via the Present & Correct twitter feed / online photo editor: Photopea / artistry pushing the limits (last four all via K).

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