On the edge of eighteen

Viking Valley Fall, consumer drones come of age / Big Timelapse Stories – Episode 1: The 30 Year Timelapse / WebGL Fluid Simulation. Much fun to be had / Satan’s a woman / Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge, Germany / gifmk7, gifs with a certain squidgy quality / all about the painter Eric White / Richard Parry breaks down technology and photographs it. See more on his Instagram / related, Click, whir, ping: the lost sounds of loading video games / a couple more Instagram portfolios: paintings by Andrea Kastner; graphic artworks by Magali Brueder / some portraits of architects by Ivan Jones / the Hidden Women of Design, raising the visibility of women in graphic design / a house with an indoor beach / a low carbon travelling test / music by Loud Women / From bombs to Benidorm: how fascism disfigured the face of Spain. Meades is back / any old school bloggers still posting?. Things turns 18 next month. The online version, that is.

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