On other worlds

On the FT’s infamous How to Spend It: “Compared with the truly fashionable, who are often less well-off, and have acquired their edge by having to choose between products,” says a prominent British writer on class and style, “seriously rich people are often ever so slightly behind the beat.” The How to Spent It site / some psychedelic folky music from Cobalt Chapel / big moody sci-fi landscapes by Simon Stålenhag / Fender have launched a parallel universe collection of slightly awkward mash-ups of their iconic guitar ranges. The Dark Timeline Edition, perhaps / more alternate realities: Rendering Trends: Decoding Tired Tropes of Flashy Architectural Graphics at Web Urbanist, which also links to these renderings of Memphis seen as a comic book (via MeFi) / also via MeFi, a subreddit dedicated to abandoned and forgotten architectural proposals for Paris.

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