Old things revisited

Don’t Parade in My Rain, the art of the TV guide (via MeFi) / making random maps / contemporary embroidery by Sarah K Benning / Wallpaper magazine’s Artist’s Palate / Ghosts of Olympics past, overgrown stadia, etc / why bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists / this summer’s Serpentine ‘Summer Houses’ are all for sale via TMH: Barkow Leibinger; Yona Friedman; Kunlé Adeyemi and Asif Khan / contemporary woodcuts by Max-Karl Winkler / Art for All, ‘the Colour Woodcut in Vienna around 1900’ / Fiat 126, from Italy to Poland (via Coudal) / Ferrets can be gods, the work of Saki (via MeFi) / buy the entire Leica Family Tree (via DesignTaxi) / art by Mårten Lange / hugely comprehensive examination of filming locations for The Italian Job on the Grand Saint Bernard Pass and in London. Just one of a long list of film locations on the site with a big focus on the Bond series / McMansion Hellwhat makes a McMansion bad?. Bang on the money (via MeFi, which we have borrowed from copiously today).

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