Old, new and everything in between

A random collection of everything. designers moan about the Apple watch / traffic in 1980s London was stylish / the Atom bomb tests, 70 years on / Dead Disney, ‘When the Magic Kingdom Ends’ / drink a pint in Metro-land, the story of the modern pub / more stories: How Esquire engineered the modern bachelor (via MeFi) / London Underground 3D station schematics / related, what bits of old London can still be seen? / also related, Paris’s Metro is way denser than the Tube / what if New York met Paris? / where are they now? Indie rock edition / examples of internet detective squads / Random, a book produced by accident (potentially nsfw) / I Wish U Would Believe Me, photography by Jason Vaughan / Hate Mail from Mr Bingo. We want some and probably deserve it / we feel foolish for discovering The Dissolve on the day it shuttered / TractorSpotter is a YouTube channel dedicated to large scale agricultural machinery / a short history of the camera phone / Galina Balashova, Soviet space architect extraordinaire. More at Wallpaper / What’s Left, a tumblr / The sound of the dialup, pictured / Landscape Migration, ‘environmental design in the Anthropocene’, or how land reclamation is reshaping the landscape / Owl’s House, a weblog about design.

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