Off road and down dale

‘Thierry de Montcorgé, a competitive driver in safari rallies such as Bandama or Nice-Abidjan, is at the origin of a crazy bet: race a Rolls Royce in the Paris Dakar safari rally. What was just an idea during a dinner with friends, became reality few months later with the help of Christian Dior as a main sponsor, using this Rolls to launch its new fragrance “Jules”, a name the Rolls was often dubbed with.’ The car was recently put up for sale. We also like Jacky Ickx’s Citroen CX rally (part of a flickr set of Dakar rally miniatures, which also shows the Rolls).


Munich ’72 Summer Olympics, ‘an Illustrated London News Special Publication produced in conjunction with Young World Productions Ltd on behalf of the British Olympic Association.’ / “You could say it was the first failed government IT project.” / Second homes map of England and Wales / Hansel and Gretel dumpster-dived and got hepatitis / how to build a Cthulhu idol, a beautiful and complex piece of craft at Wily Builder / the end of Ceefax, a memoir / CLOG, an architecture magazine.

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