Odd links, squonks and curation, still

Other things. Boston Public Library’s photostream, home of the great Tupper Scrapbooks Collection / related, The Most Beautiful Public Libraries in the US, via archinect / many of the preoccupations of the global news machine can be boiled down into a succinctly-named tumblr. Vis: Uncomfortable Moments With Putin versus kim jong-il looking at things / Cathy Shive – who the hell wants to read anything when you can just look at pictures?


Interesting roadscapes, a flickr group / The Hobbit, a walkthrough. See also these hints and this place to play it / 8-bit Pixies / Tanks!, old school mobile gaming / other stuff goes here, a tumblr / Thulium, a tumblr / Beranger, a weblog / Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, 1910: ‘Few people outside of Pennsylvania have ever heard of the quaint beast, which is said to be fairly common in the hemlock forests of that State’.


Blueprint has finally posted the piece entitled The New Establishment on its website, a few weeks after its appearance in print triggered some heartfelt criticism of the nature of weblogs, criticism, cabals and curation. Our earlier response, rather sarcastically titled an approach of upbeat curation, still stands. Although we will note, rather unfairly, that both the
things and BLDG BLOG have grown their traffic in the two weeks since the article was published (in print only), whereas Blueprint’s has fallen. Something their publisher might take into account when considering the strategy of leading only with print a full two weeks ahead of online. Otherwise the debate would have been opened up right at the start.

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4 Responses to Odd links, squonks and curation, still

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  2. Béranger says:

    Thank you! I once wanted to write about you as of a weblog that needs to be read slowly, patiently, to enjoy all the links.

  3. Arturi says:

    I really like your weblog since v3 (which subsequently led me to read v2 and v1), especially about your Linux rants (I’m pro Linux but anyway..)

    I still miss the days when you tirelessly tried all the versions and distributions of Linux. But I can see how fast the v4 can catch up to the glory days of v1-v3

  4. Béranger says:

    Thx, but I’m not really into Linux as before (I’m not into anything, except for the e-book/e-reader-mania and bashing everything), _and_ no comments on the blog.

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