Oceans of images

Generic Brand Video, oh the joys of stock photography / GRAD is the Gallery for Russian Arts and Design (via Travel Brochure Graphics). Past exhibitions have seen reconstructed Constructivism and Soviet propaganda imagery. It sent us back to Kosmograd / Triumphs, Carbuncles and Hopeful Monsters – The British vs Modern Architecture, an upcoming talk about architecture, place and public attitudes. Related, Subject, Theory, Practice: An Architecture of Creative Engagement is a short film by Adam Nathaniel Furman on archiporn, imagery, the avant-garde and the gulf between ‘hyperactive new medias with their incredible oceans of material and the slow dialogues that swirl around the grand narratives’. Adam Curtis meets Jonathan Meades. Recommended:


Other things. Skyscraper city: Life at an Incredible Height, photographs by Alicja Dobrucka at tmn / the hand-drawn cityscapes of Ben Sack at Kottke / craft teapots, an acquired taste. Strange how the teapot should be like the craft equivalent of the chair – something every practitioner feels they need to have a go at. Stranger too that the humble teapot – or, more specifically, the Utah teapot – should also be one of the building blocks of modern computer modelling and animation / now of course you can print your own.


A photo essay of the landscape around Heathrow / a photo essay of the Texas Department of Corrections, c1968 / how to slice a continent, one of the maps from the Atlas of Prejudice / the Confiscation Cabinets, on display at the Museum of Childhood / London’s Espionage Locations revealed.

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