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Running Car ‘Faces’ Through An AI Face-Processing Algorithm Is Amazing And Terrifying / enjoy the slow pace of the Ogmios School of Zen Motoring / The accidental dystopia of major construction sites (via K) / Moldova Shuts Down Bootleg Helicopter Factory (via Popbitch) / band photography on I Spy with My Little Eye / music by Zebede / music by The Telescopes, who might even crop up in the the 90s Festival Generator / websites that imitate desktops both via b3ta / a collection of movies to watch from home at BAMPFA, the UC Berkeley Museum and Pacific Film Archive / Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles, 1972. The Baede-Kar Visitor Guidance System used in the film – a fictional device, according to one of the two posts on ReynerBanham.online – perhaps harks back to the 1971 cassette navigation system shown on Tomorrow’s World the year before.

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