Oaks, wrecks and social change

A Penguin Books delivery van from 1937, at TYWKIWDBI (from the comments) / Ornamental Passions, Devoted to the unexpected details that help to make life in the city worth living / Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide (via Kottke). It’ll be flowers next / The Pointless Museum has a scan of an early edition of The Unexplained, a deliriously entertaining part-work from 80s Britain with richly evocative pencil sketches of inhuman things (via MeFi). Check the sub-editors to find early evidence of things influence…


Miles Thistlethwaite has completed a new series of meticulous paintings: The Salcey Oaks. Currently on show at Abbott & Holder. See previously / ‘Art Since the Summer of ’69 is the smallest gallery in the world, literally the size of a painting hanging in any gallery in Chelsea.’ / like crab? In Bering Sea, a photographic series by Corey Arnold (via Super Colossal).


On Christmas Eve 1994 the Soviet cruiser Murmansk sank while being towed to India to be scrapped. The wreck, located near the island of Soroya in northern Norway, is currently in the process of being removed by AF Gruppen. There is a live webcam of the process, which illustrates the method: the construction of an artificial dam to drain the stretch of coast around the wreck so that it can be taken apart above the water.


Architectures de cartes postales / Audio-archeology, or listening to the roar of the t-rex. Can accidentally engraved vibrations be ‘played back’ to reproduce sounds from the distant past? No / thanks to the RX for highlighting Sunday Magazine, ‘Every week, I post the most interesting articles from the New York Times Sunday Magazine from exactly 100 years ago, with a little bit of commentary or context’. E.g. Sectional View Of The New Municipal Building.


Colossal Space, a tumblr / how heavy metal if keeping us sane / some light drizzle, a weblog / dj misc, a weblog / Scientific Illustration, a tumblr / The 5 Most Powerful Telescopes. Slightly out of date / Flight Club / no coast offense, a tumblr / how to create an invisible mannequin / Husson, ‘is a photographic bookstore and an online shop’.


Bankrupt Britain : an Atlas of social change. Above, household recycling (2009/2010), antidepressant prescribed items (2009), and licensed cars per 100 population (2010). Full scale versions of these maps can be found at the pdf linked here / widely linked: official advice about Zombie survival / sort of related: are there any post-‘rapture’ inventories out there? What was abandoned, sold or given away? Is there a traceable spike in second hand goods and used cars?

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