Not enough to keep you occupied for more than half an hour

The Case of the Missing Hit, already hailed as a legendary podcast episode (via tmn, amongst other places) / the ten most sampled basslines / a reddit for isolated vocals / Mi.Mu Gloves, as created by Imogen Heap. Explainer / Moss & Fog, a beautiful things blog / Soviet Dream Machines, the ersatz cars of the USSR / Archimaps is having a moment / a chart that explains the type of sci-fi you are watching based on the shape of the spaceship / related, how fast is the Millennium Falcon? / Was the Millennium Dome really so bad? The inside story of a (not so) total disaster. The internet is not a fan of quiet reassessments, preferring hot takes and fast decisions that linger / somewhere along the line: photographs by Joshua Dudley Greer / that’s the answer: we are living in an age of schadenfreude tinged with sadism.

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