‘…not a consumer article produced by a genius.’

The Irish Vernacular takes DIY and house-building to a new, ultra-pragmatic level. Devised and produced entirely by the architect Dominic Stevens. The site provides plans and instructions ‘to help you to design and build your own house much like the one in the photo which cost a total of €25,000 to construct.’ Stevens is refreshingly frank about the grossly inflated housing market (‘artificially escalating the price of houses through media hype and manipulation’) and the need for simple design and traditional skills:

The vernacular tradition shared commonly the knowledge of how to build a house. Thus the design of houses developed over time became the hand of many, incrementally improving. Developing over centuries, houses were therefore part of an evolutionary model, not a consumer article produced by a genius. Folk music shares this model and if we look to the past our homes, entertainment and food – the most important things in life, were not part a consumer culture. These were things we shared and we held in common.


We’re starting to re-jig some long lost photo galleries; they were buried behind a long-dead Enetation comments server, code for which was embedded in all the pages (and the service itself died in 2003. Maybe four people ever left a comment but it crippled great chunks of our site for nearly a decade) / ‘Spime is a neologism for a currently-theoretical object that can be tracked through space and time throughout the lifetime of the object’. In other words, a building block of the much-vaunted ‘internet of things‘, a half way house between the real and the virtual that – from where we’re sitting – offers no discernible advantages.


Mechanical animals collaged by Diego Gráfico / see also the Menagerie series by Laura Bifano (via MeFi) / a big maze / Mika Savela posts a set of images of the Lower Manhattan Expressway Plans (LOMEX), Paul Rudolph’s insane urban ziggurat society. Massive hi-res versions of these beautiful pictures (Rudolph was the consumate artist-architect) can be found at the Library of Congress / related, glossy, stirring render of the WTC in a few years time once all the towers have been completed.


Permanent Record, ‘How I Found the Report Cards, and How They Changed My Life’, by Paul Lukas. Lukas is the author of Inconspicuous Consumption, a site (and book) that pretty much predates every object and consumption obsessed weblog (beginning life as a printed fanzine called Beer Frame) / the Road Frustration Index / GrayMatter is starting to make us look bad (only slightly joking) / özhan ertekin: exploring, a weblog.


Cigarettes for You, ‘Here, I will try varying brands of cigarettes and give you all feedback’ / A General Sorting / Inventory of Inventories / Dark Days Exi+ / Supremebeing / Loose Synths, music / iZnoGoodGood / architectural paintings by Alastair Parvin / Tessellations.

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