No, over there!

More determined distractions. Buy anonymous artwork from a A Letter in Mind / atrocity exhibition, probably out of date already / if you’re lucky you’ll find a Tubman 20 / photographs by Thomas Jorion / retro sounds from High Score / a brief history of the drum machine / Ew, David! / Work Smarter, a new series at Wired / Drawing Matter, a site about architecture / the Swarovski House, an early project by David Adjaye / Vermod make modular structures in Vermont / visual experiments and installations by Chong Yan Chuah, some of which is potentially nsfw / art books and fanzines at Stolen Books / Flashbak, well curated aggregator of retro things / Low Poly Animals (via RPS) / a horror musical instrument / recommended books about the modern logistics industry / linocuts by Michelle Hughes.

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