No great surprises

Why do so many bad drivers have luxury cars? A new study blames ‘disagreeable’ men: ‘A new study out of Finland has found that argumentative and egotistical men are particularly likely to drive cars like Mercedes, Audis or BMWs, and those same personality traits can also explain why these people can be such aggressive and unethical drivers.’ / the broken promise of the Sydney Opera House / Mission to Mars: beautiful imagery, but also a comforting fantasy, a unifying story we can tell ourselves when the complexities and conflicts of living together on this planet all get a bit too much / but look! Lego space station! / How Instagram is making jigsaw puzzles cool again / the School of Architecture at Taliesin is closing / It’s Just a Question of Style, a tumblr /; compare and contrast: ‘When Computerworld was founded in 1967, a 1-megabyte hard drive would have set you back by $1 million.’ / The Modern House on YouTube / Do not pass go: the McDonalds Monopoly Scam.

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