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A Walk in the ruins of Modernism, Strange Harvest on the strangely bucolic remains of Pruitt-Igoe, now safely esconsed in architectural lore as the bookend of the high Modernist period. Compare and contrast with entschwindet und vergeht’s post on the Summerland fire, a catastrophic event on the Isle of Man in 1973 that saw an innovative building type go up in flames with the loss of 50 lives: ‘Summerland was designed to offer the visitor absolutely everything that they could get from, for example, a Spanish holiday resort…. what Summerland represents is a genuine, actually existing example of what an ‘applied Archigram’ would turn out to be; a concrete test of the flash-whizzy dreams of architects applied to genuine working class lives.’ Inevitably, the things that exacerbated the fire were the fault of architects, engineers and planners, helping cement the reputation of the profession as aloof, arrogant and uncaring. Summerland was refurbished but ultimately demolished, its remnants adding to the long list of defunct amusement parks and ruins that populate the internet. Why this fascination? Sites like Standing but not Operating, or the many posts at Dark Roasted Blend, all suggest a rather puritan obsession with the imminent end of fun.


Grey Area, a place to buy artist-designed objects / paintings by the poet Elizabeth Bishop / all about depth of field, and the difference between still cameras and film cameras / some of the latter info would have been helpful in this film of a massive murmuration, which is spectacular none the less (more on starlings, film via k). There’s high definition murmurating right here / rizatriptan, an imagery tumblr / see also ptrns / the Peel Player (via b3ta) / obit of the day / reddit musings on the internet as memorial / I paint my mind, art and culture / Siiso, a tumblr / the house guest, a tumblr (warning, plays music) / Opus Dopus Radio, prog rock and other odd music from France.

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