New towns and modernist poltergeists

The 1957 sci-fi classic Quatermass 2 was filmed around the construction of the post-war wave of new town building in the UK, taking advantage of the eerie emptiness generated by roads to nowhere and suburbs without houses. The Island of Terror blog (devoted to quirky TV and cinema) has a post containing some pictures of new towns taken from Quatermass 2.


Island of Terror’s companion blog, Mounds and Circles, also has a fantastic post on Christina Hole’s 1940 book Haunted England (link to FT review and cover). M and C’s post, Modernist Ghosts of 1940, focuses on the book’s artwork by John Farleigh (image search), a regular contributor to London Transport posters / Kottke has put together a fine compilation post on recent London Underground map developments. Lots to look at.


Other things. Cartype’s collection of Gauge Clusters (via Coudal) / Slang from Chaos, an elegant design-focused weblog / Birdwatching, graphic design portfolios by young female designers / habeebullah, a tumblr / brk brk, a tumblr / do you recognise this robot dog? / abstract imagery at ONE by ONE, a tumblr / a chaotic tumble of imagery at Bojowski.

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