New English Landscape

The New English Landscape is a new blog from writer Ken Worpole and photographer Jason Orton. Together, the pair have been traipsing around the fringes of what we define as rural Britain, chronicling the shifting status of landscape, beauty, the bucolic and the sublime. Orton in particular has spent a long time documenting the Lea Valley and the Olympic Park, even being termed a ‘radical-pastoral photographer’ and aligned with the psychogeographical appreciation of non-place and edgeland zones. This is a new English landscape, for sure, as it’s a landscape being re-made and re-shaped all the time, with various interest groups pitching in to dictate exactly how Arcadia should look. One to watch. Above image is ‘Rushmore’ by Oliver Akers Douglas.


Other things. Joe Forkan’s The Lebowski Cycle (via David Winkfield’s great film-centric tumblr) / it’s Scams Awareness Month / sort of related, Has the internet killed the Loch Ness monster? / Kodak Retinette notebooks at Linescapes / Oil in Ghana, changing economies / The Alarmist, a literary magazine / new mural in San Francisco / intense architectural renderings by Dionisio Gonzalez / Every Noise at Once, genre map with sound samples (which weren’t working for us?).

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