A fistful of links from what is a slightly neglected site at the moment – apologies / Oscar-Zero: Notes from a Nuclear Tourist / retro-styled Citroen van body kit / illustration by Lucille Corcos / shoegaze will never die at The Blog That Celebrates Itself / ‘a secretive timber structure hung under the remains of an old railway bridge in a castle town’ by H3T Architekti / paintings by Aron Wiesenfeld / the Gosh! comics blog / NYC Taper, a treasure trove of (officially sanctioned) recorded rock shows / a new Slowdive video ahead of a new album: ‘Sugar For The Pill‘ / music by Tschak! / How inner city apartment developments have killed Australian rock’n’roll. The end of garage rock / Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music / music: TUSKFLOWER / EarDrumsPop is a net label putting out new music.

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