Natalie Portman went to the park with her son.

Perspective, Tragedy, Disaster, Virtues, Capitalism, Shopping, Utopia, Relationships: all in The Philosopher’s Mail, an Onion-esque romp through the ennui, isolation and soul-crushing misery that is the daily news. That web design is meant to be rather familiar and the intentions of the project are laudable: ‘The Philosophers’ Mail starts with human nature as it is now rather than as high-brow news outlets might want it to be. It accepts that it isn’t strange to be fascinated by Simon Cowell’s lifestyle, unnerved by a Romanian family begging on a train; thrilled to have sex with Jennifer Lawrence and bored by news of yet more trouble in Africa.’ If you can’t beat them, join them, transforming the ‘guilty pleasure’ that is the Daily Mail’s website into something positive.

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