Mystery train

Romantic London hosts a fascinating, if depressing, mapped version of the infamous Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies for 1788, a regular publication chronicling the availability of vice in 18th century London (via MeFi) / Chain, Chest, Curse: Combating Book Theft in Medieval Times, an article at Medieval Books / Alphabets: Photo-Lettering’s 1969 Alphabet Yearbook at the Tenth Letter of the Alphabet / The Cubli is ‘a cube that can jump up, balance, and ‘walk”. It’s all done with gyroscopes / a collection of unusual homes / the Incredibox is a fun music mixing tool / Hélas …L’autre musée des horreurs, a weblog / Lemon Incest, a tumblr (occasionally nsfw) / Oui Non, a tumblr / The Physical is an Illusion, a tumblr specialising in occult imagery / A Bigger Splash (via Zero 1 Magazine) / beautiful books, designs and posters at Modernism 101 / see also the beautiful collection assembled at A Good Book / the world’s largest archive of natural sounds at the Macaulay Library / surf is still a style driver: Acid Surfing and Read Wax, two sites / Recuperate is filled with videos / photography at the Unchanging Window / The Girls on the Negatives is a quest to discover the subjects in a set of negatives (via RVA Magazine). See also Magdalena Cwiklicka’s The Honeymoon / finally, Paperholm, the crisp white city model built by Charles Young.

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