‘My heart sunk, I felt absolutely sick’

The Dennis Sharp Archive / the Infocom Cabinet, design documents and minutae from the creation of Infocom’s famous series of text adventures / a MeFi post dredging up this fantastic episode of From A to B, tales of Modern Motoring, a proto reality documentary by Nicholas Barker in which the subjects were allowed to quietly skewer themselves. The accompanying production photographs were taken by Martin Parr and spoke just as much as the series did / Things Cut in Half, from the cross-section obsessive / vaulted spaces discovered within by Matt Simmons / Transforming a motorway flyover. Reader comment: ‘It’s amazing how beautiful, successful and desirable even the worst places can become when you photoshop the hell out of them.’ / Freaky Trigger on the problematic Tintin adventure The Shooting Star / Glastonbury myths ‘made up by 12th-century monks’.

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