Musique pour Supermarché

Jean Michel Jarre’s Music for Supermarkets is a fabled lost album, deliberately created to exist as an edition of one, with all master tapes destroyed. On July 6th 1983 it was played in its entirety on Radio Luxembourg, a hissy AM station. Jarre allegedly urged listeners to pirate the broadcast, but the quality was never up to much. A couple of years ago, members of the Dutch fansite Zoolook took it upon themselves to re-make the album. The results are here: Music for Supermarkets. Recommended. Also recommended, a video of Jarre (and cohorts) playing the original Oxygene album live in 2007, using a roomful of vintage equipment. Even rare perhaps is Jarre Techonlogies’ AeroDream One, a device that must lay claim to be one of the world’s largest iPhone docks.

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