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Calling all Moleskine fetishists – you may yet get a share in Hemingway, Steven Poole on the carefully contrived back-story behind the internet’s favourite notebook / floor plan drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes / yet more printable moon base mania / Ezra Stoller, The Photographer Who Made Architects Famous / a short documentary about the Amen Break. See also Seven seconds of fire, the story of the break at The Economist, which also compiles a selection of the break’s best known uses / related, Bassline baseline, the story of the Roland TB303 and how a technology intended for one thing was completely appropriated for something else.


Owen Hatherley reviews Museum without Walls by Jonathan Meades (buy the book) / the second flight of a fully restored Messerschmitt ME 262 / we love this: ZX Spectrum emulator buried in the N64 edition of GoldenEye / the green car scene in 1973, archive images from ‘the first-ever Symposium on Low Pollution Power Systems Development‘, taken by Frank Lodge.

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