Moving mountains

Compare and contrast, ‘Beyond the Infinity by Serge Salat (video at last link) and a Menger Sponge built from Post-It notes, by Nicholas Rougeux (via Kottke) / the TDK History Museum. Not a patch on this analog audio tape nostalgia page / Gimme Bar is an awkwardly named cloud content storage system, a virtual display case for arranging and presenting ‘mountains of cool new stuff’ / the Arrows Archive promises an archive of 25,000 British TV commercials for free viewing. You have to register though. We had a quick look around the late 70s and let’s just say that a site like good girls finish last would have a field day / List of Lists on Wikipedia / Mounts, creative portfolios / a short history of film censorship / The Alternative Shipping Forecast / how do you stay current? Thanks for the link / Grouse Veneers.

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