Moving heaven and earth

Kicking off with a fantastic collection of Musical Instruments Brochures from Japan, dating back to the 70s, 80s and 90s. Lots of lovely guitars (Jolly Bible for the Young) and one for the retro synth crowd as well / related, the art and models of Dan McPharlin (via Meanwhile) / also related, the SynthMania channel / Tales from Weirdland, a tumblr / An Occult Psychogeography of Hawksmoor’s London Churches, a worthy afternoon read on the imaginary(?) lines and connections carved into London’s streetscape (via MeFi) / also via MeFi, all about the US Army Road Train project, the life’s work of Robert Gilmour LeTourneau / sort of related, the Jetway 707 (via Cars that never made it) / play out with an excellent song by Mandrake Handshake, a ten-piece psychedelic band.

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