Mostly harmless

A few days of randomness ahead. Who needs a kick-starter? Griff Industries builds ships for Oolite / ‘Car dealer forced to hide Jimmy Savile’s Range Rover after hate campaign over abuse claims‘. The sale was greeted with characteristic nudges and winks in the tabloids back in January / Windows 95 tips (via b3ta) / ‘Disused Rochester Subway: City Asset or Dangerous Abandonment?National Museum of Dentistry.

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  1. Pete Hindle says:

    I see your museum of dentistry, and raise you a museum of upper Austrian dentistry:

  2. fupjack says:

    I live in Rochester, and I’ve walked around some of those places pictured in the Subway link. It’s a surprisingly accessible tunnel system; you can walk right off the street and into almost any part. It hasn’t been closed off in any significant way. Of course, there’s no police presence so it’s not wise to wander alone.

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