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What’s Your Time Perspective, a way of decoding what particular zone of the present different people operate in. Somewhere buried in all this is nostalgia, the ‘past positive’ way of thinking, a way of thinking that shapes the way we use the internet as a device for de-archiving the past. To navigate the internet of things and memories is to be ‘past positive’, all the time. The animation also cites Robert Levine’s ‘Geography of Time’, a 1997 book that would doubtless need a hefty revision to take account of the modern world’s obsession with minutes and seconds.


From the book: ”There is an inscription on the narrow-gauge Darjeeling Himalayan Express that reads: “‘slow’ is spelt with four letters; So is ‘life.’ ‘Speed’ is spelled with five letters; So is ‘death'” Really.” (see also the slow movement). But what’s most alarming is that all this ‘past positive’ thinking is being done at breakneck speed; images are being scanned, uploaded and disseminated at an alarming rate, like a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up all the apparently forgotten remnants of culture and spewing them out in an endless tidal wave of things. Rather than living languidly in the haze of a well-remembered past, the past positive internet is always hungry for more.


Art / paintings by Sue Blandford / cartographically inspired works by Terry Ryan / drawings by Brooke Woolley, with a nice half-remembered vibe / music blogs are fun when you don’t understand them: Amix Music / Works/Projects, a gallery / Haphazard Mangos, a tumblr.


The Way Things Could Be, a weblog without the usual gee-whizz starry-eyed futurism, but a slightly more pragmatic sense of future innovation and application / Berthier’s door found, revisiting a recent piece of Situationist city re-arranging / how was your day in school, honey? / Accidental Mysteries, a weblog / architectural details captured by Rachel Chilton.


Pentimento / Polorama, on photography. See also polarama, ‘a visual journal of integral photography’, from where the above polaroids by Andre Simonato are taken / Photoshop me!, collecting together a few ‘before and after’ images. See, always, Photoshop Disasters, which is somewhat overwhelmed these days.

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