More roads to the future

The Road Not Taken: How we found (and lost) the dream of Personal Rapid Transit, by Adi Robertson. In the utopian timeline (which could sitll happen), these PRT systems could be reborn in the form of self-driving autonomous cars. What will be different, however, is the way they are branded and graded according to status and desire, rather than the ‘one-pod-fits-all’ solution originally proposed / other things. London Social and Functional analysis, 1943 at Mapping London / architectural art by Atelier Olschinsky / design by Stefan Wagner / the mirror maze, totally missed this / New Town Utopia, ‘A documentary film about utopian dreams, concrete realities… and some rather angry puppets’ / the city of natural gas, visions of a fracking town of the future by Jason Lamb / Bradford Unconsidered Trifles, a weblog with a penchant for industrial archaeology / the intricate art of Adam Dant / animated weather map / work by Misha Semenov, including research on the Garden City, visualisations, sketches and urban fantasies / The Angry Architect, a weblog / the illustrations of Kempster and Evans / more modern utopian dreams at Architizer.

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