More leftovers

2020 in 20 stories, courtesy of Phaidon’s published output from the year / photography by the graphic designer Alice Helfer / images of Wuhan by Mi Chenxing / when in Tokyo, a guide / photographs by Elin Berge, exploring the modern nature of Swedishness / Fifty dogs with graphics lines, a book by Naomi Turco, designed by OST / WASH magazine, the student magazine at The School of Architecture (formerly at Taliesin) / Paprika is the equivalent at Yale / the ‘problem collection‘ of product designer Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues / a digression on the worm’s eye axonometric at Along Architectural Lines, a long-defunct weblog. Its author is still writing and researching, though / KooZA/rch, an experimental architecture platform. Sample research: Homescape: the new commute, musings on the new interior landscape / the story of the Great Book Heist / illustration by Abbie Reilly (via w*) / play Sega Games in your browser / one we lost in 2020, Christo / photographs by Matteo de Mayda / the Visual Index of the Entire Landscapes is well worth a browse.

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