A collection of things from here and there / a collection of the best fashion podcasts / best humour podcasts / buy Cave Things (via Vogue) / Aphantasia: The People Without a Mind’s Eye, a film by Wired UK / the Grand Hotel, Dubrovnik / Estate agent’s hi-tech house tour exposes personal data / “When will we see good design as a NFT?”. Isn’t ‘bad design’ inherent to an NFT? What would ‘good design’ even look like? Sort of related, Genius Loci, ‘a grand tour of video game landscapes and gardens’. An intriguing-looking monograph to support / the Nicholas Hawksmoor map of London / Ghostly Noises, a tumblr / a new album by New Dark Age / a post in praise of TE’s OP-1, now ten years old.

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