Monday morning things

Innovating laziness: the rise of the remote control / arty webcam fun with Gush by Adam Ferriss / It’s Nice That presents some images of old cinemas to flag up the arrival of the English Heritage Tumblr / ‘white knuckle adventures in early dentistry‘, at Collector’s Weekly, which is exactly as it sounds / BeaMalevich ‘develop and distribute objects inspired in art, architecture and creativity’ / A visit to Farnborough’s amazing wind tunnels courtesy of Suburban Citizen.


Some new music in the post-rocky vein: Tibetan Sky / The Pulmonic / Degree of Arc / a guitar stomp box that emulates a J-Pop female vocalist: the KORG Miku Stomp (via Create Digital Music) / Dirty Dancing, close-miked and musicless / create your own irritating loops with Super-Looper / that’s another mesh?, a site about art and installations / Envisioning the American Dream, ‘a visual remix as pictured in Mid-Century media’ / related: get the look, expensively, at Johnny Moustache / still related, a comprehensive post about the Mar Vista Tract in LA, a suburb of modern bungalows / yes, blogging is back. You didn’t read it here first.

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