Monday Meanderings

Architecture for sale: the late Pierre Cardin’s 1970s ‘Bubble Palace’ in the south of France and Joel Silver’s Brentwood Mansion by the late Ricardo Legorreta (for a cheeky $77.5m) / at that price, the buyer might experience a bit of skyscraper schadenfreude / while the workers are away, the rats will play. How rodents are working the 9 to 5 in our absence / step into alternate realities with lockdown game recommendations. Or live in a virtual suburban Russian tower block / two petitions: Hammersmith and West London College; save International House in Brixton. The gradual realisation that re-use and restoration is many, many times more environmentally efficient than demolition and reconstruction is spurring developers on to clear out the sites currently considered to be ‘marginal’.

Matt Lamont collects beautifully designed brochures, amongst other things / protest posters on show at Reverting to Type / Pick me up, on driving a pick-up truck in Texas / virtual road trips, with local soundtracks: Drive & Listen / I Accidentally Found Justin Bieber’s Futuristic Rolls Royce / just for the memories, Prince at the Superbowl, 2007 / guitar instrumentals by Was a Wolf / more instrumental rock by And So I Watch You From Afar / metal synthwave by Bioplan / dreamy modern pop by Spills / a collection of isolated bass and drum parts from ‘classic’ rock songs / a history of Trackers, the proto lo-fi sequencers that drove video game music and spawned a whole scene. Includes a link to a massive tracker infographic / the robots are coming for your synths. Don’t be too worried.

The Common Table, ‘stories and ideas about food from around the world from people who are searching for ways to fix the global food system’. Recommended / other things. Paintings by Dan Ferguson / paintings by Gideon Rubin (some nsfw) / ‘box stories’ by artist Gaspard Mitz / unsurprising life advice: don’t buy art on a cruise / one second snippets from every episode of Star Trek / The diminishing returns of productivity culture / exceptional photography by Gregor Sailer / a list of aesthetics. We’ve come a long way from Dick Hebdige / finally, ‘the no-longer secret diary of Ingrid Jo Boissevain,’ a self-described ‘posh schoolgirl’ who kept tabs on her life from 1967 to 1968. A fascinating read with what seem to be genuine archive images.

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