Modern archaeology

A random assemblage of links, with forgotten modernity lurking just under the surface. View to Corrupt, ‘each time you view this page it writes a portion of your IP address to a random location in the image shown above. With each view the image becomes more corrupted (via A whole lotta nothing, which also posted this Trip to Dead Horse Bay (flickr set), ‘At the turn of the last century, it was a place where literally dead horses were brought for processing into products (rendering, using their hides, etc). Later in 1953, when an expressway was being built through Brooklyn, they bulldozed straight through apartments and homes, dumping the refuse on Barren Island where Dead Horse Bay is located.’


The Big Picture presents a definitive portfolio of Shanghai Expo 2010. Rumours abound that the Expo isn’t bringing in the numbers that were predicted. ExpoMuseum, the definitive online repository for World Expo info and imagery, doesn’t give much indication of what happens to Expo sites after the event moves on, but the legacy of Expo culture is surely fascinating. There can be few more obviously unsustainable things than an Expo, a highly labour-intensive construction site that leaves very little in the way of permanent buildings. In addition, there can be few more effective ways of confirming contemporary obsessions than a flickr set of ruined Expo buildings, in this case from Expo 92 in Seville. This was also the exhibition that gave us Nick Grimshaw’s reusable glass box, once slated for rebirth on the North Circular in a development now known as Century City (‘The tastefully designed interior, inspired by the style of Luxor and Caesars Palace in Las Vegas will enchant and amaze the visitors from all over the world.’)


Paintings by Mark Takamichi Miller / hybrid comic book imagery by Aaron Noble / illustration by Jason Hill / Feral Children, not a Daily Mail subsite, but a collected cultural history of wild youngsters / Private Circulation magazine / A Million Monkeys Typing, a weblog / this looks old; might it still work? Scream, ‘a software application to facilitate screaming.’ / Foucault’s pendulum is sent crashing to Earth / vote in The Maggies / My Love/Hate Affair With Typekit / In pictures: Hitler’s autobahn dream / The New York Review of Magazines.

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